Empowering you to uncover the real you so you can heal from the shadows of what was and find safety to live your life.

Together we will create change, reconnect with every part of you and unlock the power to use your voice and be heard.


Specialist trauma therapist
Trauma therapist
Specialist trauma therapy

When you connect deeply with the beautiful woman you are and give her a little more self-compassion and self-acceptance, you can find your way to rise. That means moving beyond the trauma you've experienced and no longer being defined by your past.


I'm here to help you live freely, feel alive and flourish in every part of your life. And together we'll turn those debilitating 'What if's' that run through your mind, and take hold of your emotions, your body and your mind into empowering feelings of 'I am…' so you can look ahead with confidence, self assurance and belief.

Imagine no longer feeling that everything you've created, everything you've built in your life could come crashing down at any moment. When you heal from the shadows of past traumas, and lived experiences, from whatever stage of your life they might be, you can experience a true transformation.

You can finally start to see, and believe that you are good enough.
You can start to feel and hear your voice.
And you will start to realise that you are not your past.
But most importantly you will know that you are your future.

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I've been there, I've had those thoughts.

And I've experienced the transformation. I've found my way. I've freed my emotions, my body and my mind from the past. I've healed, and I've helped thousands of others to do the same in the past 24 years.

As a trauma trained clinician, I'm a highly qualified, and respected specialist, and I'm here to bring the unconscious into the conscious, for you. This is not a coaching experience, or a life coaching journey, or simply working on your mindset. There's no magic formula (sorry they don't exist) to reprogram how you feel, or react.

To achieve a true transformation we have to go deeper.

And whether it's long standing trauma, or something more recent, that's ongoing, I tailor my unique set of skills, and expertise to release what's inside you. Life can be different, even if you feel totally overwhelmed, wondering where you should even start. It's all about finding your way forward. No more holding back, just what's best for you.



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Everyone has the right to thrive in every part of life, and now is your time to be the woman who is unapologetically, beautifully herself

I was never born to fit in, and I didn't want to…

For as long as I can remember, I've never really desired the stereotypical life. Whether it was hanging out with the cool kids in school, or building my career, I've always questioned why 'should' you do this, or that, or the other. And I find being like everyone else incredibly boring. Especially in the therapy world!

Specialist trauma therapist
Specialist trauma therapy

So I've always searched to find my way. My path. And along the way I've learned that a huge part of healing is having the confidence to do things your way. To find what works for you and understand how to use it. It's no use comparing yourself to someone else's journey, you are here to follow your own.


On not just how therapy is seen, but how we are expected to be as women. There's no signature system, no ticklist we have to follow. I don't believe in that. I'm here for you, and you are with me. I will hold space for you to feel safe, and with my skills, plus a little bit of humour, honesty and the odd swear word, we will find your way to create a better future.

Now is your time to heal the wounds of the past to create a better future.