Leave the shadows behind and create the future you deserve

Heal from the pain & overwhelm & create the change you desire for a happy, safe future.


Specialist trauma therapist
Trauma therapist
Specialist trauma therapy

When you become deeply & safely connected with the amazing person you are, gifting yourself compassion & self acceptance, you find your way to rise above the pain, no longer surviving through it.

I see you here, reading this, I see there's already an acceptance that something has happened for you, however recent or long ago, that is causing you pain & you need help to heal from. You're now curious how that can happen for you.

"Just because something bad has happened to me doesn't mean I have to hate myself for the rest of my life" ~ Aimee

I'm here to help you live freely, feel alive and flourish. Together we’ll transform the debilitating state of not knowing who you are, that something is missing, feeling adrift, uncertain how to feel differently, into an empowered you; unafraid of your emotions, activating your inherent healing capacity in mind and body, and transforming those self critical, judgmental thoughts into ones of self assurance and belief.

Imagine having an empowering emotional, psychological & physiological toolkit for life harnessing the ability to understand and respond to your emotions, your body, brain and nervous system, to feel safe in who you are with certainty, confidence and self esteem. A robust set of individual tools supporting you to live an empowered life safe in the knowledge that you won’t crumble, and that any future challenges can be met with resilience, emotional and physiological balance. Mapping and connecting mind, body & soul in your healing & recovery to an empowered you now and for your future.

Believing in who you are.

Listening to what you need.

Acknowledging you are not what has happened to you.

Knowing that you are your future.

Creating the person you want to be for your future.

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and be uncertain of who is looking back at me, I have felt the pain of traumatic experiences and the fear of the emotions that emerged because of those, to wondering where me and happiness have gone.  I also know what it feels like to transform all of those thoughts and feelings and live safely and compassionately in who I am.

I once questioned "How the hell did I get here and where do I go from here." I’ve done the healing work and love myself for it. I've come to understand my emotions, my mind and my body as a compass guiding me towards what I need- as a connection to all parts of myself. I took the bravest step I now know anyone can make and asked for help. There is no shame in finding the person to help you.

That’s why I’m here for you. 

24 years ago I began my purpose in life to help people of any age, gender, identity and culture who have experienced trauma. I have the qualifications, specialist expertise and the experience of learning from over a thousand people who have moved through their pain, with me as their guide, so I can now guide you in the very best way.

This is not a coaching experience, or a life coaching journey, or simply working on your mindset. There is also no magic formula.

Healing and recovery is unique to you

To achieve your hopes, whatever those are for you, and to make the changes you need in your life we dive deep together, not into your past but in who you are now, who you want to become and how you get there.

Who would you see reflected back at you if you gave yourself permission to explore who you can be and become, not defined by the beliefs you have about yourself from your experiences?

Whether it's trauma of the past that is the burden you’ve been carrying, or an experience more recent that's ongoing, I share my toolkit of specialist knowledge, expertise and skills to support you on your journey. 

Your life can be different, you can feel differently, even if you feel totally overwhelmed wondering where you should even start, you being here now is your beginning. 

This isn’t writing a new chapter of the same person. 

This is now your invitation to begin a new book of you in your life, finding your way home to you, uncovering and discovering who you are now and who you want to be, no longer in pain or overwhelmed.

Connect with me now and together we’ll discover your way forward so you can feel the happiness and the joy you deserve to feel in your life.


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DATE: Today

Everyone has the right to thrive in every part of life, and now is your time to be the person who is unapologetically, beautifully themselves

Now is your time to heal the wounds of the past to create a better future.