Helen Ferguson

Specialist Trauma Therapist

The Heart of Healing Trauma ®️


You can let it go, you can be free, you can heal. 

You have come through so much & you’re here 💜

Now is your time.

Now is your time to feel liberated, safe & embody the real you.

Your time to unburden yourself from the pain, shame, fear, self sabotage & anxiety that you have been carrying for too long.

Your time to connect with the missing part of yourself that has been hidden by your trauma.

Your time to heal, feel safe, feel liberated, & live your life as you for the first time.

Don’t lose any more time.

“You go to Helen with a part of you missing & she gives it back to you. I’m looking forward to living my life now as ‘me’ for the very first time”

Dani (2021)

“After years of being held back and stuck by the experiences of my past, of never feeling the freedom of living without pain and fear, Helen’s wisdom and unrelenting compassion has gently released me from my emotional and psychological shackles and I now feel equipped to move on with life unburdened and free, Thank You Helen!”

Michelle (2021)

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Welcome, I’m Helen Ferguson

My journey into liberating people from their trauma & helping them heal began over 20 years ago with children & young people who had been traumatised or abused. I have travelled a work path since, that has taken me from directly helping those children in that moment, to helping the wounded child in women who have experienced their own childhood, attachment, developmental trauma, Cptsd & sexual abuse. Whenever I am holding you safely in your healing journey I am also holding the hand of that child and together we bring her peace & freedom.

“Your voice matters, yes yours! Don’t let fear & worry silence it. Speak up, be heard. Know that your heart is worthy of being heard. Shine”

Helen Ferguson

The Heart of Healing Trauma ®️ Therapy 

You are successfully running your business, stepping up the professional ladder, working on the big next project, running a home, raising a family, maintaining a relationship but something feels wrong. Something feels missing. YOU are missing.

Fear, anxiety, sadness, pain & shame are constant companions blocking you from embodying your true self.

You have been through so much to get here, you have survived. However unless you give yourself the gift of healing from your trauma you will only be surviving. Is it your time to flourish free from the pain & the torment?

You are feeling disconnected from yourself on the hamster wheel of ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’

You know that your emotional and physical health is starting to suffer.

You are starting to feel disconnected from the people around you and the things in life that should be bringing you joy.

Your body & heart ache with the painful unspoken emotions that your feel burdened with.

You have been seeking validation and acceptance from your achievements, trying to create perfection, but find yourself wanting.

The missing link is you. At the heart of healing trauma is you; bringing yourself to the missing part of you that has been hidden painfully by trauma.

Imagine for a moment how you would feel & look without that trauma, without the pain & shame. Lean into it. Feel it. She is in there. She is wonderful, vibrant, energetic and safe. She is free. She is in you. Your unresolved trauma and the unspoken pain you have been carrying are hiding her.

The distraction tactics in the hope the pain will disappear aren’t working. The spiral into the same self sabotaging behaviours are only causing you more shame & guilt. Reaching for the quick fixes aren’t working. Ploughing through hoping to feel differently tomorrow, next week, next month, next year isn’t working. Reaching for the next shiny object in the hope that it will bring validation & acceptance isn’t working. None of it will ease the pain & bring you peace.

At the heart of healing your trauma & easing your painful emotions is you.

Are you truly ready to feel healed, to feel liberated, to no longer feel the pain and shame that have been your constant up to now?

Well then, let me welcome you into the Heart of Healing Trauma ™ and guide you safely to the healed, vibrant, energetic woman inside you.

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Helen Ferguson Psychotherapist

Childhood, Complex, CPTSD Trauma Healing & Sexual Abuse Recovery

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