Live freely. Feel alive. Flourish.

It's time to no longer be held back by the things you've experienced, and finally feel like you have the power to live life as your true self. Whether it's trauma from the past, or something more recent, I'm here for you. To help. To guide. And to empower you to see what's possible.

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You have the power to define what change looks like for you. And to make it happen.

That's what I'm here to help you do. And I will be alongside you, holding space for you, and keeping you accountable as you find your real voice every single step of the way. It's not about reprogramming the past, it's about making empowered choices for the future, aligned to who you truly are, so you can emerge from the dark and take control of your future.

Because everyone deserves to live a life of freedom. Everyone deserves the right to find their inner brightness and stop living in the shadows of what once was. And everyone has the power to radiate.

The power of change

Trauma therapist


It's time to embody your true self and feel uncovered like never before.

That's powerful, because when you unlock that feeling, you suddenly realise that you don't need to be 'fixed.' And that you are no longer a label of success. You start to live in your truth, and become the real joy that others are drawn to.

There is no need to hide, even if you feel it's the thing that's been keeping you safe all this time. It's not. You don't need to create something false to be successful, what you need to do is process and heal from the trauma of the past that you carry every day.

I've done this journey myself, I've been there and lived it, so I know the transformation it can bring. You have the power to address it all, and together we will do just that.

Our journey together...

I'm here to guide you safely to the real you, so you can own your emotional voice, define who you are and want to be, and to live free from the pain and fear that you have been carrying for so long.

Together we can create a bespoke plan that adapts to your specific needs and your emotional state as the journey progresses, based on these key foundations.

• 1 x 90 minute initial consultation.
• 12 x 1 hour individual sessions (1 per week).
• All materials for progress tasks in between sessions.
• Direct access throughout the process via WhatsApp, Voxer, Phone, Email.

You will have me by your side, bringing all of my clinical expertise and training to your healing & recovery process which could include:

• Developing emotional agility instead of fragility by understanding your emotional state and helping to bring balance to your emotions on a psychological and physiological level.

• Bringing the unconscious into the conscious through a co-regulated psychotherapy relationship to develop an understanding of your experiences and the impact they have had on your emotions, perceptions, thoughts and behaviors to create resolutions to the challenges you've faced.

• Guiding you to recognise and understand the true deep rooted feelings, where and how they sit in your mind and body, and developing a safe release for them.

• Understanding your emotional attachments and the challenges your experiences will have created in how you both see yourself in relationships, and how you receive in relationships.

• Connecting your emotions to the felt body sense through Polyvagal & Somatic Therapy.

• Redefining your boundaries and matching your intention with your body & voice through Bio-Energetic Boundary Setting.

• Determining and defining your values to create your plan for values based living & connecting with what's important to you.

• Transforming your mindset by healing the wounds of the past to create a more positive future.

In developing, building and nurturing your emotional skills you can transform into the best version of yourself you can be, creating the change you desire and unlocking the power to use your voice and be heard.

This is for you if you ever feel…

…Unworthy or not good enough.
…That desire to pretend you're not overwhelmed so people don't think you're a failure.
…A hope that one day you could embrace your faults rather than trying to fit in.
…Like you're faking it in your business.
…That you're going to get found out at any moment.
…Unheard and unseen as who you truly are.
…That if you put yourself first you'll be neglecting everything around you.
…hopeful for change.

Specialist trauma therapist for women
P.A.C.E training


I've felt the impact that this work can have on myself.

I've seen the impact it can have on thousands of clients throughout my years of experience. And now I'm here for you. I feel it with you, and I always become invested in your success.

But I won't change your life on my own. You need to do the work. To hold yourself accountable. I am the guide. I will bring the expertise and skills, plus the humour, the openness, and the honesty, but only you have the power to create lasting change.

Just know that it is possible. It is all possible. And I would love to help you experience it.