No matter what we've experienced, or been through, or the trauma we've suffered, we can all heal. We can all shape our future, in a way that works for us. No matter what. I'm living proof of that. And the clients I've worked with, from adults to children are too.

Because when we experience a true healing journey we emerge as a different person.

When we feel safe, we feel empowered. And we feel confident. We feel like we can be who we truly are. Who we've always wanted to be. And if we want to shout in a field or sing from the top of our voice, we can. Or if we want to look a certain way, or speak a certain way, we can.

But most importantly, we realise that it's all possible because we've found who we are, and we feel ready to be her, every single second.


My journey hasn't been easy, and I know all too well what it feels like to have your voice snatched away. To not know how to communicate the things that had happened, and to feel that desire to just shut down. To be thought of as angry or defensive when all you really need and want is someone to hold the pain you've experienced and allow you to heal.

I always say that I'm not the person I was in the past, I remember her and look at her but I don't resonate with her because it's not the true me. She was the creation of others who treated her a certain way. And today, I treat her with love, dignity and respect which means the voiceless young adult is no longer surviving, she's living in me with a voice that is heard.

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My trainings and expertise...

Psychotherapist | Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy | Clinical CPTSD Expert | Neuroscience of Childhood Trauma Expert | EMDR | Inner Child Healing Therapist | Internal Family Systems Therapist | Attachment Specialist | Sexual Trauma & Recovery Specialist | Somatic Experiencing | Polyvagal Theory in Practice
CBT & DBT | Solution Focused Therapy | Bioenergetic Practitioner | Child & Family Therapist


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I've picked up the cues from everything and everyone I've worked with.
Everything I've learned comes from being super self assured in who I am.
That is the power of connecting to you.

As a therapist for over 24 years, self assurance has been my rock.

My foundation. It enables me to be the calm people need. To be the voice they need to hear in crisis and chaos. There's not a lot that shocks me, and I know how to hold steady, because I know that's what my clients need. It's also why I've found breakthroughs with clients other therapists haven't been able to reach.

I've found my unique way of giving myself to everyone I work with. I uncovered me, and found my inner brightness to live my life of freedom. And now it's your turn.

That's my purpose, and whether it feels great, or awful, or somewhere in the middle, I will be the steadiness you need. If you trust the process, it will shift. We will leave those shadows behind, and we will create the future you deserve.

P.A.C.E training
Social worker P.A.C.E training


TO: Eckhart Tolle

DATE: Today

"Some changes may look negative on the surface but you will soon realise that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge."


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I was never born to fit in, and I didn't want to…

For as long as I can remember, I've never really desired the stereotypical life. Whether it was hanging out with the cool kids in school, or building my career, I've always questioned why 'should' you do this, or that. And I find being like everyone else incredibly boring. Especially in the therapy world!


When I first qualified as a psychiatric nurse and was working with children I didn't always feel like I had a lot in common with other clinicians. It's just not me, or my style. I knew that even then. But that was ok, I've always been comfortable with my own company, and spending time with me, normally with my nose in a book - my safe space from childhood to now.

Letting my mind explore all the possibilities in a world that didn't feel like my own was always so inspiring. And I think that's where my desire to step out of my comfort zone, and feel things comes from. It's why I've always searched to find my way. My path. A huge part of healing is having the confidence to do things your way, to find what works for you and understand how to use it. It's no use comparing yourself to someone else's journey, you're here to follow your own.

And I've been doing that ever since, both in my extensive Psychotherapy and expert clinical therapy training, and when I left the NHS 13 years ago to forge my own path as an independent therapist. I've lived in Greece and now in France, building relationships and working out my way to be me. To be Helen. Now I'm here to break the mould on not just how therapy is seen, but how we are expected to be as women. No more hiding, no signature systems, and no cookie-cutter ticklists we have to follow.

I don't believe in all that. I'm here for you, and you are with me. I will hold space for you to feel safe, and with my skills, plus a little bit of humour, honesty and the odd swear word, we will find your way to create a better future.

Now is your time to heal the wounds of the past to create a better future.