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Trauma & Toxic Shame

      Toxic shame, the most crippling and powerful emotion that embeds itself in your mind…

Childhood Trauma: Causes, Signs & How You Can Move Beyond It

Childhood Trauma is an event, episode or environment that you experienced as a child that left you…

What is CPTSD?

Most people are familiar with the term PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and understand it as a…

Trauma Therapist vs Trauma-Informed Coach: Why you need to know the difference.

Trauma is unique to you and your treatment needs to reflect that. Trauma is a truly sensory…

5 Powerful Steps to Supercharge Self Belief

What do we really mean by ‘Self Belief’ anyway? Self belief and confidence are often spoken about…

Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs

Self Limiting Beliefs And How We Overcome Them 2020 has certainly been a monumental challenge for us…