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Welcome to your private members resource portal.

I am so excited that you took the step into your healing and recovery journey with me, whether you’re new on your healing journey or you’ve worked with me before and want continued to support. It’s a decision I’m confident you won’t regret.

Within your resource portal here you will find a bank of content which will be continuously updated and added to. It’ll never be stagnant and will be a huge contributor to the support you’ll receive from me in the group and from the other members. It’s your personal psychoeducation centre!

As a trauma informed therapist and emotional empowerment coach I’m here to help you feel safe and nurtured in such a way that you feel connected to building and deepening your self compassion, self awareness, self belief and self acceptance.

Together we will start you on your journey of shedding the shame of all those self limiting critical thoughts and beliefs caused by your trauma, challenging life experiences and emotional overwhelm, and you’re going to start embracing self compassion to heal from the inside out.

What do do now?

💜 Join the private Facebook group ‘The Brave Women Membership’ and introduce yourself to me and the group. You’ll find me in there every day with you.

💜 Pop into your diary the dates for the weekly live ‘Coffee, Connect with Compassion’ sessions, the monthly live Q&A’s and the Bi-Monthly training sessions. If you miss a training session you’ll find it uploaded here soon after the event for replay catch up in your own time.

💜 Browse through the foundational resources already here for you and remember that these will be added to (but I’ll let you know each time that happens).

Please click the Facebook icon for the member’s group.





Helen Ferguson Psychotherapist

Childhood, Complex, CPTSD Trauma Healing & Sexual Abuse Recovery

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