Embrace And Embody Your True Authentic Self

...Reconnect with yourself in mind, body & soul.
...Connect with the parts of you that have been neglected due to trauma & challenges in life.
...Build your emotional, psychological & physical capacity so you are not weighed down by the negative experiences of life.
...Begin to redefine your relationship with yourself for the future.

You are in the cycle of seemingly endless ‘doing’; being Mum, wife/partner/friend, reaching for the next big thing, striving for each success and often reaching it, but your internal engine is permanently revved for action which means you’re only primed for survival in the ‘doing’ and it’s exhausting.

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That permanently revved engine of survival is getting the things done, you feel as though you’re achieving all the things, and the success feels good… but at what cost?

You aren’t aligned with your internal energy, living your life your way outside of the structures and patriarchy that are harmful to women.

There’s another part of you that is shying away from your needs, shying away from the things in your life you’d like to experience.

You’re holding onto a narrative of shame, people pleasing, low self worth, fear, anxiety, and so much more, that masks who you truly are & keeps you disconnected from her.

We Want You To Feel Differently

• To have increased energy to fulfil your personal purpose
• To no longer feel a victim of your past experiences
• To build your internal capacity so you are no longer weighed down by the negative experiences of life
• To guide you in healing the wounded parts of you
• To listen with agility to your emotional, psychological & physiological needs
• Responding to those needs with dignity and respect in ways that feel safe, manageable & sustainable for you

Immerse Yourself In The 4 Days

Escape from the busy 'doing' & allow yourself to BE
Enjoy being catered for lunch and dinner by our private chef.
Be taken on a journey into truly listening to your mind, body & soul
Begin to set the stage for better emotional, psychological & physical health
Experience a bespoke energy healing with our guest expert session with Mandi Colvin, Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor.

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We want you to Embody The Real You®

You cannot continue to make the impact in life that you desire if you aren’t aligned and at ease with your internal world; in a compassionate relationship with yourself that is lighter & less encumbered, able to feel relaxed & safe with yourself, with more emotional & physical energy.

During the four days of Embody The Real You ® The Retreat we will share our combined 45 years expertise, skills and passion in guiding you

• To deconstruct the old cumbersome narratives of the past
• Explore with curiosity and compassion your relationship with yourself
• To begin to heal & bring safety to the wounded parts of you
• To build your emotional & physical capacity to fulfil your personal purpose, so that you feel liberated emotionally, psychologically & physically to begin to live life your way

Embody The Real You ® The Retreat March 13th to 17th 2023 is for the woman who is ready to continue her life

Understanding with clarity the messages your mind & body are signalling to you.
Attuning to your internal self with curiosity and dexterity.
Responding to your needs with confidence & emotional agility.
Continuing to nourish and nurture yourself.
Aligning with your true self with a greater sense of ease.
So that you Embody The Real You ® in your relationship with yourself, with others and in your business.

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March 13th to 17th 2023

£1897 all inclusive
Deposit £632 Balance Payable by 13th February 2023

Join us as the beautiful Eaton Manor ‘The Manor House’ a private hideaway set amidst the rolling green Shropshire Hills and the beautiful Wenlock Edge, set in 500 acres of Shropshire countryside.

The location is an escape from the busy life. Complete privacy and access to rolling countryside and river walks. The Manor House has access to the private indoor pool and is set in it’s own private gardens. A complete hideaway of tranquility!

We will have a private chef for our 2 course evening meal over 4 nights and for our two course buffet lunches.


Specialist trauma therapy

Over the four days you will be taken on a journey into truly listening to your mind, body & soul.

Beginning on the first day we will establish a safe, nurturing relationship together in which you will explore safely where you are in your life right now; emotionally, psychologically & physically, and where you hope to be at the end of the 4 days and as you take everything you have learned of yourself and move forward in your life

Helen & Louise have worked with many women who are carrying the stories of the past and the expectations of how they should be in the here and now; conforming to structures and systems that aren’t aligned with who you actually are as a woman. We believe that you can redefine that narrative, heal from the past & create your safer future

Throughout the course of the 4 days Helen’s sessions will gently help you explore that narrative, it’s origins, and guide you to begin to discover through self awareness, self compassion and self acceptance, the true self that has been waiting to take centre stage. You will explore your needs, actively listen to and respond to them, discovering how to put you first & embody your true self with love, dignity & respect.

Time and time again Louise and Helen see a disconnect in the approach to self. Whereby work begins on one aspect of the self with other aspects then being put aside for “later”. This isn’t the most effective way to move forward as you are multi-faceted.

As such the movement and nutritional sessions with Louise have been created to support grounding you back into your physical body and it’s most fundamental of needs. To begin recognising and honouring your biological needs in simple and practical ways and to thus nourish the 37 million things happening every single second. The more you attend to those needs the better you feel and the better you feel the better you want to feel.

All the sessions have been thoughtfully structured so that you are taken on a journey in your mind, body & soul; connecting with your body in movement & nutrition, your mind and soul through mindfulness, emotional agility and self compassionate curiosity & inquiry.

We will also be joined on the final day by Mandi Colvin, Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor. Mandi will be guiding us to a nurturing ending of our 4 days together. This will be an opportunity to honour the connections made with each other; honouring the connection with your energy & emotions and embodiment of the newly discovered real you, honouring & connecting with your intention as you move forward in your life.

Hear More From Helen And Louise About The Embody The Real You Retreat!

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Meet Helen Ferguson

Psychotherapist & Clinical Expert in Childhood Trauma, CPTSD & Sexual Abuse Recovery. Mentor, Clinical Supervisor & Trainer for Health & Social Care Professionals.

Helen is a Specialist Trauma Psychotherapist guiding women to heal from their past & create a safer future. As a clinical expert in Childhood Trauma, Cptsd and sexual abuse recovery, Helen has been supporting women for 24 years to reset their inner peace; switching off the psychological safety protocols that are actually working to keep you trapped in the ‘surviving’ existence, rooting out the harmful code in your minds programming and replace it with healthy new code that transforms the way you think, and totally transfer the power over your emotions back to you, removing the triggers that would’ve controlled you once upon a time, and replace them with your own brand of peaceful awareness so you can calmly steer yourself into your safe future.


Specialist trauma therapist for women
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Meet Louise Westra

Naturopath, Best Selling Author, & Corporate Health & Wellbeing Strategist

Louise’s purpose is supporting women to harness their biology to create consistent energy, hormonally balance and an immune system you can rely on. In a world where everyone is seemingly a health guru and people are often mistakenly fad-focused Louise cuts through the bs and help women to understand what their priorities should be for their individual life, needs & desires. Louise guides & supports women who are compulsively busy to learn more about the areas that might be undermining or holding them back and to interpret the signals their body is providing.

We would love to see you there