Progress is a journey. And you have the power to shape your future.

Finding your way to live with freedom and enjoy life as the best, most unapologetic woman you can be takes time. There's no magic wand, and it's completely, totally, OK to sometimes feel reactivated or triggered by a situation you encounter, or an experience you have.

What's important is that you are here, reading this, right now.

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You know you are ready to be heard. You know you have the power to use your voice inside you. Now let's bring it back.

Just like you, I've experienced this journey. I know the path isn't always smooth, but by recognising the triggers we can take focused action, enabling you to once again feel safely healed and ready to embrace the vibrant, energetic woman who's inside you. It's time to unleash her once again.

There is no reason to feel like a burden - ever. Or put a temporary mask on your feelings to 'cope.' It won't work. Something will always feel missing. Because you will be missing. You will retreat back into those old behaviors. Hiding away, and pushing your thoughts to the bottom of the pile.

The power of change

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And together we will explore that in a truly safe, calm, trustworthy and empowering space.

Over the course of our 7 sessions together we'll move past those feelings of 'I'm not doing enough' or 'It's not worked' - you know the ones, the belittling doubts in the back of your mind. Because trauma can often reappear, as if it's been in the deep freeze so you can function in the day to day.

But your body remembers, and I will be your guide as you re-emerge from the shadow of those thoughts, taking you away from the road to breaking point and towards a realisation that you can be seen, acknowledged and accepted for who you really are.

That means no more feelings of chaos, or like you're on a rollercoaster of highs and lows. It means knowing that you can have all you desire, when you fully address the trauma of your past. When you allow time for you, you can strip back the personas and reconnect to who you are, until you feel confident to become the central hub of your own life.

Our journey together...

I'm here to guide you safely to the real you, so you can own your emotional voice, define who you are and want to be, and to live free from the pain and fear that you have been carrying for so long.

Together we can create a bespoke plan that adapts to your specific needs and your emotional state as the journey progresses, based on these key foundations.

• 1 x 90 minute initial consultation.
• 6 x 1 hour individual sessions (1 per week).
• All materials for progress tasks in between sessions.
• Direct access throughout the process via WhatsApp, Voxer, Phone, Email.

You will have me by your side, bringing all of my clinical expertise and training to your healing & recovery process which will could include:

• Developing emotional agility instead of fragility by understanding your emotional state and helping to bring balance to your emotions on a psychological and physiological level.

• Bringing the unconscious into the conscious through a co-regulated psychotherapy relationship to develop an understanding of your experiences and the impact they have had on your emotions, perceptions, thoughts and behaviors to create resolutions to the challenges you've faced.

• Guiding you to recognise and understand the true deep rooted feelings, where and how they sit in your mind and body, and developing a safe release for them.

• Understanding your emotional attachments and the challenges your experiences will have created in how you both see yourself in relationships, and how you receive in relationships.

• Determining and defining your values to create your plan for values based living & connecting with what's important to you.

• Transforming your mindset by healing the wounds of the past to create a more positive future.

This is for you if you ever feel…

…Reactivated or triggered by something.
…Like you need a boost of self-compassion to reset.
…Those debilitating thoughts creeping back into your mind.
…Like you've grown but there is still more work to do.
…Tired of being on a rollercoaster of highs and lows.
…Like you're putting a mask on your true feelings.
…As if the work you've done before hasn't worked.
…Ready for change.

Specialist trauma therapist for women
Foster carer P.A.C.E Training


I'm here for you when you need me.

I feel it with you, I will guide you through it, bringing you out the other side with a new sense of freedom, ready to flourish once again.

The next chapter of your journey starts right here.