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Hope Brought You Here.

It's the hope that something can change; that life doesn't have to continue to feel the way that it does, and that you don't have to feel the way that you feel right now.

It's  THAT hope that is going to ignite the spark of healing.

That you no longer need to feel unworthy, that you no longer feel unhappy, that you no longer feel not good enough. You can have control over the things in your life that have caused you pain and ultimately the hope that these will no longer dictate who you think you are.

The foundations of moving hope into healing are acceptance, safety and connection.

In this unique Hope Haven community you become part of a collective of women on your journey. Guided by acceptance, compassion, understanding and the unwavering belief that healing is not only possible, but within your reach.

In this safe and supportive community we join hands, we share and empower each other to embrace the resilience and empowerment that lives within.  In safe relationships you move beyond the shadows of your past and present. Navigate the road to recovery and ignite the flame of healing.

Leave the burdens of shame, guilt and self doubt behind.  This is a haven where judgement is left at the door, replaced by unwavering empathy and support regardless of anything you have experienced.  As a nurturing community of women, you are guided by me in navigating the labyrinth of healing, hand in hand, until you emerge on the other side stronger, braver, and filled with a renewed sense of purpose....No longer living in hope but in the safety and security of who you are.

Acceptance. Connection.Freedom

The Hope HavenCommunity

Ignite the spark of hope and forge a path towards profound transformation

Unburden and release the impact of the challenges you have experienced in your life that have been keeping you hidden in fear, self loathing, low self worth, disconnected from yourself and the joy you want to experience in life, relationships and business.

Lean into this sacred haven of compassionate healing with me and other amazing women all ignited by that spark of hope.  Begin your journey united as one and embark on this transformative path where your hope becomes the catalyst for your healing and where together you are empowered to rewrite your future.


Welcome to the beginning of your journey towards healing and a fulfilling life.

What can you expect in the Hope Haven

• A nurturing and safe community of women held by my 25 year expertise in Integrative Trauma Therapy and Mental Health.  There is no expectation to share your story, being alongside other women on their journey is equally if not more empowering.

• Your own group support away from social media where you get to chat, ask questions, and receive support. I am available in that space to respond to your questions.

• Weekly live Q&A sessions for guidance, support and advice


• Live Monthly Nervous System and Emotional Regulation guided exercises.

• Weekly live Q & A and therapeutic guidance session hosted by Helen.

• Bi-monthly psychoeducation sessions on all topics relating to healing and recovery.

• Guest Experts: I invite additional professionals with specific expertise in all areas of healing and recovery, to provide education and guidance on their areas of expertise to support your personal growth.

• Private Members Portal on the website with: Video training, Audio guidance on Nervous System Regulation, Emotional Agility, Self Compassion, Somatic Experiencing and much more!!

• An invitation to upgrade to Hope Haven monthly 1-2-1 at a reduced hourly rate alongside all the community support.

Move hope into healing today

You can begin your healing journey and forge your unique path towards profound transformation surrounded by like minded women for €55 per month with no tie in. (The cost will change in the future but your price will never change.)

Together we will create lasting change, by helping you to reconnect with who you truly are so you can unlock the power to use your voice and be heard.

Hope Haven Group Therapy

Investment: €55 per month

Hope Haven Group Therapy - Annual Payment

Investment: €550 per 1 Year

PLUS: As a special bonus, you can unlock 2 months free access when you purchase a 12 month subscription - meaning you pay €550 instead of €620.

Hope Haven 1-2-1

Investment: €145 per month

Welcome to the beginning of your journey of healing and leading a more fulfilled life. Together we can create the change you desire and deserve.