A specialist in what I do, I initially trained as a Registered Mental Health Nurse and subsequently throughout my 24 year career trained in Attachment Therapy, PACE model (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy), Narrative Story Stem Assessing, Solution Focused Therapy, Family Therapy, Systemic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic approaches and specifically working therapeutically with trauma and abuse.

Within this career I provided complex mental health assessment and therapeutic intervention for children and young people in foster care, leaving care and those transitioning to adoptive care.

I have also managed the Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) 0-19 service as well as the CAMH Looked after Children service in Plymouth.

Trained in the P.A.C.E model of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, I now train foster carers and supervising social workers to incorporate this model, attitude and way of being in interacting & communicating with children and young people in foster care and responding to their complex emotional needs.

Two day training overview

•What is meant by P.A.C.E and this model of engaging with children and young people.
•What P.A.C.E is not.
•The use of P.A.C.E with discipline.
•Building relationships using P.A.C.E.
•Providing structure and supervision with traumatised children using P.A.C.E as a responsive model.
•Managing confrontation and coercive interaction.
•Managing behaviour using P.A.C.E as a model.
•How do you look after yourselves in this process.

Trauma therapist
Childhood trauma specialist

Learning objectives

•Explore what P.A.C.E actually is.
•Explore how foster carers and supervising social workers can integrate P.A.C.E into
their work.
•Understand how foster carers and supervising social workers can respond to and support children and young people using the PACE model.
•Discuss the difficulties in integrating the model into their fostering work and seek an autonomous process by which they can manage these individual difficulties effectively.
•Understand the impact of Blocked Care on providing PACE within the relationship, and the difficulties in parenting children and young people who show resistance.
•Develop P.A.C.E skills and tools in professional, personal and emotional development within the fostering context.

Commissioning and pricing

The training is commissioned by local authorities and private fostering agencies.
I am a trusted P.A.C.E training provider for Plymouth Children and Families Services.
Pricing of the 2 day course is available on request.