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Empowering you to become the real you so you can heal from the shadows of what was and find safety to live your life free from the wounds of the past.


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Healing happens in safe spaces and relationships. And that is what Women Rising Above Trauma is all about. I see you. I hear you. And this community is holding space for you. I am holding space for you.

If you're at the beginning of your healing and recovery journey, our unique community is here to support you on your journey and write your own future.

I wanted to create something that's as unique as you and your trauma story, which is why this group is perfect if you don't feel able to commit to 1-2-1 therapy just yet, but you know you want that collective therapeutic support, or if you've worked with me 1-2-1 and wish to continue to be guided by me as you continue your journey.


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We'll discover...

Your core self who's been hidden underneath her trauma and untangle those unhelpful unresolved trauma responses that have been keeping you hidden in fear, self loathing, low self worth, disconnected from yourself and the joy you want to experience in life, relationships and business.

If you are ready to step into this compassionate healing relationship with me and women all on their own journey and embrace all parts of you with compassion, love, dignity and respect then I would love to help you find the safety to live life to the full.

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Together we'll shed the shame of your trauma story to create the future you want, and deserve.

What can you expect in the community

• A small nurturing and safe community of women held by my 24 year expertise in childhood trauma, CPTSD & Sexual Abuse Recovery. There is no expectation to share your story with other women in the community, being alongside other women on their journey is equally if not more empowering.

• Your own group support away from social media where you get to chat, ask questions, and receive support. I am available in that space to respond to your questions.

• Weekly live calls when there's an opportunity to talk either on Zoom or through our group support room.

• Live Weekly Guided Meditation & Grounding Beginning your week from a place of emotional and self regulation.

• Guided sessions where we focus on different aspects of trauma healing and recovery; inner child healing, somatic experiencing, nervous system regulation, developing your attachment IQ, and so much more

• Release the week: On a Friday I go live with more in-depth answers to your questions and provide guidance so that you can end the week with ease and flow into the weekend.

• Monthly live therapeutic group sessions.

• Guest Experts: I invite additional professionals with specific expertise in all elements of trauma healing and recovery. They share with you guidance and advice on ways to think about yourself and move forward, with the opportunity to ask them questions.

• Private Members Portal on the website with: Video training, Audio files for self regulation, building and deepening your self compassion and self acceptance, inner child healing, and psycho-education PDFs to support you on your emotional healing journey.

• An invitation to join me for a personalised 1-2-1 weekend therapeutic retreat in the beautiful countryside of the South West of France at a reduced members rate. All inclusive, you would just need the flights!

Start your rise today.

You can start your healing journey and leave the shadows of what was behind, surrounded by like minded women for €55 per month with no tie in. (The cost will change in the future but your price will never change.)

Together we will create lasting change, by helping you to reconnect with who you truly are so you can unlock the power to use your voice and be heard.

Woman Rising Group Therapy

Investment: €55 per month

Woman Rising Group Therapy Annual Payment

Investment: €550 per 1 Year

PLUS: As a special bonus, you can unlock 2 months free access when you purchase a 12 month subscription - meaning you pay €550 instead of €620.

Now is your time to Rise Above Trauma And Embody The Real You.
Together we can create the change you desire and deserve.