Breakthrough Therapy Session

 €290 - 90 minutes  

The 'ginger shot' of therapeutic guidance you might just need, because breakthroughs CAN happen in one session.

Therapy isn't just for crisis, and this session is for you if you're experiencing a block, an uncertainly or recent dysregulation that needs a shot of expert guidance to navigate you back to feeling in control. Clearing the path, unleashing potential and igniting your journey forward

What's it about?

  • guiding out of uncertainty and into clarity
  • exploring and releasing emotional and mental blocks that are hindering growth & creating a sense of uncertainty
  • identifying and understanding the root causes of the blocks and dysregulation.
  • addressing these underlying issues
  • gaining a deeper understanding of the here and now; emotions, patterns of thinking and behaviour.
  • Gaining clarity to help you make more informed decisions, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and cultivate a stronger sense of self.


Some of the key areas we’ll cover during this 90 minute session include but are not restricted to:

  • Discussing the ways in which your experiences are manifesting physically, emotionally and mentally 
  • Exploring the coping mechanisms that haven’t been working for you and locating healthy ones that will help you. 
  • Discussing self care/help practices that can help you take care of yourself 
  • Identifying your individual support system and building upon that 
  • Identifying whether 1-2-1 therapy with me or group therapy with 'The Hope Haven' is needed for you. 
  • By the end of our session, you’ll have a clearer map of the direction and resources you need for the blocks, uncertainty and dysregulation that's happening for you.


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Session by Session

€195 per session

This flexible therapy option gives you the opportunity to work with me on a one hour session by session basis with the same focus on your recovery and healing from the difficulties you have been experiencing.

Whether that be the complexities of trauma or any experience that has upset your emotional & mental health.

These sessions can be fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly, the choice is yours for what works with you.

Included in this option is a pre-arranged contact point and a progress exercise in-between sessions to empower you on your journey.

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Therapy Package Options

6 & 4 Month Therapy Packages

The choice of two comprehensive therapy packages for intensive support and guidance on your recovery and healing journey.

Included in both 6 and 4 month packages:

  • Unlimited daily text, email, voice message support and guidance throughout.
  • A comprehensive downloadable file of bespoke integration exercises to support you in your recovery and healing; incorporating somatic experiencing, meditation, breath work, polyvagal exercises, nervous system regulation, inner child healing, attachment awareness, values and bioenergetic boundary setting, compassionate inquiry and much more.

The most comprehensive expert therapeutic support you will EVER experience.


Now is your time to heal the wounds of the past to create a better future.