'Unlock Your Trauma Healing Power With 6 Days Of Inner Healing Immersion'

You have everything within you to begin your trauma healing journey, self-compassion is the key to unlocking it!

Start creating a safer future with an empowered you in it today.

• Day 1: Slow Down.
• Day 2: The Power Of Your Thoughts.
• Day 3: Imagine Self Compassion.
• Day 4: Forgive Yourself.
• Day 5: Thinking with Compassion.
• Day 6:  Living with self-compassion.

Begin to develop the skills that have changed the lives of my clients so that you CAN too.


Price £67


During the next 6 days!

• Begin to nurture yourself and listen to your needs.
• Become empowered with acceptance and honour who you are.
• Begin to set the stage for better emotional, psychological & physical health.
• Become compassionate to ALL parts of you.

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Introducing your trauma healing 'Unlock your trauma healing power with 6 days of inner healing immersion'™

I know how difficult it is for you to live with the toxic shame of trauma, to be fearful of being seen, to live with self sabotage, self doubt, lack of self worth and feeling overhwhelmed by the feelings of rejection and abandonment that happen as a result of trauma.

It doesn't have to stay that way. It can be different. You just need to know where to start & what to unlock within yourself.

• To give yourself permission to respond to pain with patience and sensitivity.
• To help you regulate your emotions, so that you experience them in a balanced and healthy way.
• To begin falling out with self-criticism and in love with who you actually are …..all parts of you!
• To stop comparing yourself to others and release feelings of blame, shame and learning how to stop judging yourself.
• Beginning to no longer compare yourself with feelings of inadequacy.
• To live life safely as YOU.


Foster carer P.A.C.E Training

Over 6 days immerse yourself in developing self-compassion, directing the compassion you give so freely to others inwards to you, and give yourself permission to begin to release the pain. Learning to activate your self-compassion is the most rewarding, empowering and healing journey you will ever go on in your trauma recovery!

AND I'd love to guide the way with my lifetime access to 6 days of:
• Daily Guidance and reflections.
• Daily audio guided meditations.
• Daily Affirmations.


Price £67

Are you wondering if this is for you?

Do you relate to any of the following?

...You experience overwhelming emotions that have you stuck knowing where to turn.
...Getting stuck in cycles of shame with self-criticism & judgement, self blame and self sabotage being constant companions.
...Every problem you face brings fearful anxious responses.
...Being in this cycle is making you emotionally suffer.
...You are constantly hard on yourself and think that self-criticism is designed to make you proactive.
...You struggle with self-belief and worth.
...You are unhappy with the person you see in the mirror.
...Being compassionate to yourself has felt lazy, egotistical, selfish or vain.
...You have experienced childhood trauma, complex trauma, sexual abuse.

If you said yes to any of the above, don't worry, you are not alone. Millions of people struggle with how you are feeling too and with embracing their self compassion... without help.

Family Therapy techniques
Social worker P.A.C.E training

Wherever you are in your trauma recovery journey, today is a great place to start unlocking the power within you!

You can access 'Unlock your trauma healing power with 6 days of inner healing immersion'™ and have me in your pocket...

When you download today you receive:

• 6 Days of Daily Self Compassion Guidance and Reflection.
• 6 Days of Daily Self Compassion Affirmations.
• 6 Days of Daily Audio Meditations designed for each stage of the journey.
• The library of everything over the 6 days to keep and access again and again in the future.


Unlock the power within you! You deserve to live as the truest most beautiful and peaceful version of you!