Rising Above Trauma Membership and Course Terms and Conditions

Membership policies

Membership and Courses Term and Conditions

I am delighted you have chosen to purchase a group membership or course with Helen Ferguson and any associated assistant coaches within Transitions Coaching.

Before we begin our relationship I want to make our agreement transparent for everyone so there is no confusion.

Courses & Membership

Live training and group coaching. Live teaching and training is an important part of our relationship. Events within the membership suite and separate courses are scheduled in advance to ensure you have the best chance at being able to join. In courses, please make an active effort to attend training as it is set out. Modules are designed in order and often are best learned when you have been able to attend previous sessions that build a foundation of learning for you.
For my memberships it is proven that you will get more out of teaching and training if you can attend live sessions, this allows us to talk openly and for me to answer questions you may have. Please attend these sessions ready to engage and be as free from distractions as possible in order to get the most from them. Live sessions are often recorded for re-play or re watch both via the members area of Transitions Coaching website and within the associated private facebook group. By attending these sessions you are agreeing for your questions/information at the time of record to be shared within the elements of the membership or course for others to watch to catch up or to refresh if given lifetime access. Live sessions are currently held on Streamyard, Facebook or on Zoom.

Technical Failures

Technical faults, internet down and other unforeseen circumstances occasionally happen and cannot be helped. In the event of such I will communicate to all members to ensure you are notified. If we need to re arrange to another date or time I will communicate this as soon as possible too. If you cannot attend training do not worry we will make sure there is a re watch copy in the training suite of this website for you to catch up or refer back to at any time.

Course & Membership Facebook Group support

All memberships and some of my courses have an associated Facebook Support Group for the duration as an additional support and community centre for members. 

The (insert name when decided!!) membership has an ongoing Facebook Group for the entirety.

Courses – I will be in the group at least once a week for the entirety of the course to assist with questions 

Membership–I will be in the group at least twice a week to ensure the continued support needed.

With both Courses and Memberships Transitions Coaching cannot control any tech problems that may occur by using this platform as a supporting measure. Should there be any disruption to service on Facebook, all the information will be available on my website and I cannot be held responsible. I will of course always seek to remedy this as quickly as possible.

Disclaimers and further important information…….

  1. There is no 121 coaching or therapy offered within courses (unless purchased alongside the course or bonus) or within my membership program. Within the membership program the themes are generalised to capture the needs of all members. Please direct your questions to the supporting Facebook group or during the live sessions with Helen
  2. In these specific contexts all services offered by Helen Ferguson and associates of Transitions Coaching are ones of empowerment coaching and advice within the professional field of psychological and emotional wellbeing and resilience. Whilst there is a therapeutic supportive aspect of providing members with tools to support emotional wellbeing, there is no 1:1 coaching or therapeutic intervention integrated into a course or membership.  If you are in need of an individual support system in this way then you can contact Helen separately for advice on how to seek this. 
  3. Membership to Helen’s (insert name of group when decided!) is of the understanding that this is a support membership which provides teaching, knowledge and skills based on Helen’s 22 years experience with mental health and emotional wellbeing. It is a structure which is informed by that experience and one in which the tools, teaching and training is generalised to that of promoting for parents the emotional resilience with children & young people. It is not a diagnostic tool for any potential emotional or mental health difficulties or diagnosis with children and young people. If you have concerns about your child then please contact Helen for advice on accessing the appropriate support. 
  4. Empowerment Coaching and Therapeutic teaching of tools for support requires that occasional uncomfortable conversations are had. Helen’s commitment to you is that whereby she will be honest and truthful in her delivery. If this is upsetting in any way – it not intended to be. Please do speak directly with Helen about the situation. It is important you feel comfortable discussing personal themes with absolute confidence and this cannot occur without this direct exchange. This conversation will be welcomed and handled with respect.
  5. As with any course or membership there is a strict confidentiality and non bullying agreement and this is described within the main Terms and Conditions of Transitions Coaching. The clause to this agreement is when there are concerns raised that bring awareness to any potential or actual risk to a child, young person or adult. If these concerns are highlighted, local safeguarding procedures will be strictly adhered to by Helen.

When you buy a course or membership

  • Payment for my courses vary and some allow for payment plans.
  • Payment in full is and up front cost.
  • Payment in monthly instalments is a payment plan which runs for the entirety of the membership or course
  • Payment for membership is a month in advance and can be cancelled at any time. Once cancelled it will be with immediate effect and access to the members area of Transitions Coaching website and the associated private members group will cease. 
  • Bespoke Payment Plans – If you have entered into a plan that falls outside of monthly payments or lasts longer than the duration of the course then the payment will automatically run until the course amount is paid.
  • Missing payments – Missing payments will be payable until the full amount of the course you have purchased is paid in full. Missed payments do not expire and Transitions Coaching will seek legal action to recover payments that have not been collected.
  • Payments cannot be opted out of nor transferred to a longer period than agreed upon purchase.


Confidence, data and GDPR

During our sessions course members, membership members or trainers may disclose sensitive information. All information shared is in the most respectful confidence. Helen and any course or membership community member agree to never disclose information attained in this way on purpose or accidentally and will not disclose details to any unauthorised third party. The clause to this agreement is when there are concerns raised that bring awareness to any potential or actual risk to a child, young person or adult. If these concerns are highlighted, local safeguarding procedures will be strictly adhered to by Helen.

Workbooks, trainings, resources, images, graphics and templates are intended for the use of the course or membership member who purchased only. Sharing content from within any of our services is a breach of our agreement, intellectual property and in most cases copyright. Should any material be shared unethically we will seek legal remuneration.

By signing up to our website as a member for courses or memberships or purchasing courses or memberships from me, you are agreeing to the terms above.