The 5 Stages of Therapeutic Empowerment Coaching for Transformation

Woop Woop! This is my first blog post, so a big ‘hi’ from me!

There are so many places I could have started from; talking about all things empowerment, confidence, self esteem, attachment, resilience, trauma and all the emotional issues I help women with, but I took a look at what the most frequently asked question is and it’s this “what exactly is your therapeutic empowerment program and how can it help me with what I’ve been struggling with?” Ping……. lightbulb moment….. that’s what my first blog should tell you!

You should know who I am and what I do.

How does a therapeutic empowerment coaching program support you to overcome your emotional distress?

When you’ve experienced emotional trauma or distress, being in control of your own life can seem unachievable or unreachable. My 5 stage therapeutic empowerment coaching program designed to support you to become the confident empowered woman I know you can be, shows how you can achieve this.

Stage 1: Acknowledging & Accepting

I help you understand your emotional state; a phase of acknowledging and accepting your emotions, where you are now and where you want to be. We look at what led you here and understand together how you see yourself. I’m an expert in holding you emotionally and listening with my heart ears.

Stage 2: Shifting

We determine together what your self limiting beliefs and fears are and what has been restricting you emotionally. I support you to locate your strengths and your established emotional resilience and use evidence based therapeutic approaches to build on that strength & resilience to overcome those fears. You start to shift from that place of self limitation and self criticism.

Stage 3: Owning

I provide you with structured progress tasks based in CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Self Compassion Theory, for example, to support your ownership and accountability of your progress in moving self criticism to self compassion. This stage will also guide you through the 4 ‘R’s of Mindset Transformation that you will continue through to the end of your structured bespoke program.

Stage 4: Defining

In this stage you define your own value and values to connect with what’s important for you in understanding your purpose, using Ikigai, and what you want to achieve.

Stage 5: Designing & Implementing

You design and implement your values based living action plan that is built around your new found emotional resilience scaffolding and the foundations of your self compassion and self esteem. I will support you to implement this plan so that you feel you own the life you want to be living, and shift the V from victim to being Victorious.

About Me And A Take-Home Message:

I’m an Empowerment Coach and Therapist for Women. I specialise in attachment, emotional trauma and resilience; anxiety, grief & loss, life transitions and the emotional impact of abuse. Having been a psychiatric nurse and therapist in Attachment, CBT, Solution Focused, DDP and systemic family therapy for 21 years I broadened my perspective and became an Empowerment Coach a couple of years ago and designed my therapeutic empowerment coaching program. It’s been a wonderful journey so far. My work is online and I work with women internationally and I love that freedom and connecting with women from different cultures. Whilst I predominantly work online, I do work with women ‘face to face’ in my consultation room in my home in the Charente, France.

My take home message today – You can absolutely become confident and empowered after emotional trauma and distress. Your experiences don’t define how you should live your life, you can create and define this yourself and own it!